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The Lantern sign is handmade to order using steel or powder coated aluminum. Each planter box is 6” x 6” x 18”. The Lantern address sign comes tailored to fit your address length. Additional planter boxes (i.e. without numbers) are also an option for shorter addresses.

Both the powder coated aluminum Lantern, and rust Lantern, come with 6" laser cut numbers which stand 1/2 inch off the face of the sign, or with the numbers laser cut into it and backed with a perforated steel or aluminum screen. 

The Lantern sign comes with stabilizing skids (shown in photo) these are buried upon installation and are not visible on the final product.

Height: 34” Width: Varies with address length (4 boxes 40”, 3 boxes 32”, 2 boxes 24”) Depth: 10” (w/skids 12”)


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